Welcome to NICC Group National Independent
Consultant Consortium 

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Here at NICC Group National Independent Consultant Consortium our mission is to help car dealers across the United States grow revenue while increasing the penetration rate of their existing leads and phone calls through processes and training in sales and service. We have developed virtual sales process and marketing centers that respond to all incoming calls and internet leads coming from the marketing efforts of the dealership, including sales and service opportunities.

We believe in studying today’s customer and reacting to the way they want to service and purchase their vehicles, in short “We concentrate how thecustomer wants to buy, rather than how we sell”.

How We Can Help:

  • Custom design Marketing Centers for Service and Sales Retention Processes
  • Virtual Showroom process that mirrors the traditional in-dealership processes
  • On-going in-dealership action plan for Service and Sales
  • Continuous Action plans weekly

  • In-dealership training for Service and Sales monthly
  • Marketing Center that creates a positive Return on Investment through a daily DOC sheet
  • Deliver and customize Best Practices to each dealership for their desired results

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We are available 24 hours a day during the weekdays. Call us for expert services.